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last updated: 29/05/20
Elliott Elder

Interdisciplinary designer and art director based in London
Recently finished my graphic design degree at Kingston School of art
Full PDF available upon request

110 x 180 176pp.

Published dissertation/photobook exploring the implications of Humanity’s now cyborg state. The 176 page book features interviews from Jack Beveridge and Olly Bromham from Google Labs and Greg Tilley from Decoded. Blurring science and fiction, the essay explores everyday usage of technology and draws comparisons to otherworldly cyborgs in media.

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A software/hardware combination remaps a custom built QWERTY keyboard into musical scales, taking both the tactile qualities from mechanical keyboard switches and the expressive freedom and customizability from MIDI piano keyboards. Designed alongside software to either be used as a tool for production or run in the background as one types, the Keyboard is for both typists and musicians. The tool provides a fresh means of inputs for existing composers stuck in melodic ruts as well as open up the opportunity for experienced typists to become QWERTY virtuoso pianists.

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150 x 210 30pp.

A publication documenting the degradation of the seaside town Folketone. Screen printed with a charcoal based ink that we invented, the book erodes when handled.

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drawing machine

Visualising the hidden creativity behind playing videogames. An arduino drawing machine hijacks videogame controller inputs and converts them into posters. I asked friends, professional gamers and my nan to complete the same level of SuperMario64 in order to highlight what makes videogames special - the freedom to creatively problem solve as one wishes. Each unique print visualises differing playstyles and decisions which took place.

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speculative design

An artifact made for a speculative world inwhich humans fear obsolescence due to AI singularity, streamlining the typing experience to ten keys and two variable pedals.

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Display typeface inspired by in part by Dante’s Paradiso which sees him cast himself in what can be understood as Renaissance science fiction. Published as a story driven type specimen, text from the poem, originally describe an ascension into medieval heaven, is re-contextualised into a space adventure, documenting an astronauts preparations, lift off, space walks and crash-landing into the Alien planet of ‘the Empyrean’.
Feel free to download it to try for yourself
(it's completely free but a credit would go a long way)

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empathy prototype

Physicalising my discomfort: 3D models of pencils glitched by audio files of digital recreations of my worsening tinnitus spanning over a year. As my ears slowly lose functionality, as do the pencils. My tinnitus heightens when sketching.

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The Peddler

Aiming to raise awareness for londoners to register their bikes through a viral figure. Interviewed on BBC Radio London, Germany’s RTL and on the front page of reddit images of the hero “spotted” in public got people talking about bike safety. Following the viral success a short film documented our character’s journey. Our hero may have been fake but our message was very real - and people heard it.

“You'd 'be surprised how much you can do with just a camera and a costume”. - The Peddler

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Frosted Glasses

Frosted lenses and a 3D printed peripheral vision-blocking frame only allow vibrant colours to pass through, meaning with a small redecoration the bathroom can become a room devoid of awkwardness.

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Best Kebab

Best implies singularity, there are 21 kebab shops called ‘best kebab’ in London, We are currently working on a photo series to chronicle, the true best kebab. Cross referenced with Berlin’s ‘hassir’ original donner, London’s best kebab is to be decided, awarded and published.

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Further graphic experiments which I am always updating can be seen in the lab